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Production capacity

Tanac precision machine is a professional supplier of the automatic system integration solutions based on the integration of research and development,production and marketing and after-sales service. The main products are winding automation equipment, non-standard automation equipment, assembly automation equipment, test automation equipment, automation equipment, industrial robot application, intelligent factory and so on.

Customized solutions are designed,researched and developed according to the clients' demands to satisfy their personalized and diversified wishes,including plenty of related categories such as transformer inductance industry, machine manufacturing industry, consumer electronics manufacturing industry, automobile industry, household appliances industry, medical industry, intelligent logistics industry. After decades of accumulation and innovation, Tanac Precision Machine has become a well-deserved leader in customized solutions.



Tanac Precision Machine has its own products of independent intellectual property rights, i.e., the special control software and the controller.Through many years of technology accumulation, Tanac precision machine already has a strong software development capabilities, providing automation software solutions. At the same time, the development of visual software is also our focus.

Research and development


For the design of the complex structures of the equipment and strong operation functions, with a long-term accumulation of experience the company now has established a high-quality team including sales, research and development, design, production, management and after-sales service, owning over 100 senior talents serving as researchers, engineers, designers, technicians etc., capable of designing all kinds of equipment independently in accordance with customers’ demands. Any automation equipment customers need, we have the confidence to produce!

Processing capacity

processing capability

Processing equipment is the basic guarantee of the precision of the mechanical parts. We have a large number of high-precision processing equipment imported from Japan, to name a few, 10 units of vertical, horizontal, five-axis machining, and over seventy sets of all kinds of grinding machine, milling machine, drilling machine, wire cutting, edm machine, lathe, etc.. Through scientific orchestration technology and under the careful operation , the experienced operators make the precision parts come into being from drawings step by step.

Parts Detection


A strict quality control is the basic condition of equipment manufacture and the design and machining precision is the key to the successful assembling of our products at the first time. The strict control over each process is the secret of Tanac and only by doing so can we provide good products.

Assembly debugging

Assembly & Debugging

Before the machine assembly , our experienced technical staff will hold a meeting, making full presentation of the key parts and overall structure of the equipment.When the problems occur,technical personnel will discuss solutions with production personnel on the spot to ensure the delivery on time.

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